Weekly Crime Report from Hampshire Constabulary 29/10/2014 – 12/11/2014

Please see the following crime report from Hampshire Constabulary…


Dear All,

Weekly beat report from 29/10/2014 – 12/11/2014

Weekly update reported crime Romsey rural, we hope you find this week’s circulation useful. We have worked hard to ensure the information is current and accurate.

**If you know anyone who would like to receive the weekly crime report please let me know. Please email me a name, first line of address and contact telephone number**

TRAVELLERS ~ Nil to report

A3090 ~ Nothing to report

ABBEY PARK PREMIER WAY ~ Nothing to report

ABBOTSWOOD ESTATE ~ Damage to vehicles  Freemantle Road during the night on the 31/10/14 report of two vehicles belonging to the same address have been damaged by unknown person/s spraying some sort of paint remover/oil over both cars. Romsey police are appealing for any witnesses or information please call 101 quoting reference number 44140394032

AMPFIELD ~ Poaching 31/10/14 two males in their early 20’s from the Southampton area were stopped and interviewed under caution for poaching offences at Ampfield Golf Course. The vehicle involved in the crime was a white Van index number **NX55JUH**

ASHFIELD ~ Nothing to report

AWBRIDGE ~ Criminal damage – Danes Road during the night on the 01/11/14 report of damage to the gates at the entrance of a property by unknown means.

BRAISHFIELD ~ Nothing to report

BELBINS ~ Nothing to report

BROADLANDS PARK ~ Nothing to report

CARTERS CLAY ~ Nothing to report

CRAMPMOOR ~ Nothing to report

DUNBRIDGE ~  Nothing to report

EAST DEAN ~ Nothing to report

EAST TYTHERLEY ~ Nothing to report

EAST WELLOW ~ Nothing to report

GREATBRIDGE ROAD ~ Nothing to report

HIGHWOOD ~ Nothing to report

KIMBRIDGE ~ Nothing to report

KINGS SOMBORNE ~ Theft from Vehicle Over night on the 09/11/14 person/s unknown have smashed the nearside window of a car and stolen a bag continuing a purse and personal items from within.

Non dwelling break theft – 11/11/14 person/s unknown have forced open a door to a fishing hut and stolen a hurricane lamp from within.

LEE ~ Nothing to report

LOCKERLEY – Criminal damage Butlers Close – 30/10/14 report that person/s unknown have caused damage to the outer payne of glass, using an unknown implement.

Vehicle damage Butts Green – between 24/20/14 and the 03/11/14 a male and female have been captured on CCTV trying to tamper with the ignition of a parked vehicle. This incident is in connection with a number of vehicle damages where the offender rammed a number of vehicles whilst parked in the car park on the 24/10/14. Police enquiries are on going where a  number of attempts have been made to arrest the male involved.

  1. Theft from vehicle Butts Green –  Lockerley War Memorial on the 10/11/14 between 1900 hrs and 2000 hrs person/s unknown have stolen a shopping bag from the front of the passengers  seat, it is believed the vehicle was unlocked at the time.

MOTTISFONT Nothing to report

MICHELEMERSH and TIMSBURY ~ Nothing to report

OWER ~ 03/11/14 report has been made from Southern Electric stating unknown person/s have forced open a roadside cabinet and stolen copper cable from within.

PAUNCEFOOT HILL ~ Nothing to report

PLAITFORD ~ 11/11/14 at 1300 hrs report of two males riding mopeds on the road not wearing helmets, both males are thought to be local, any sightings if possible please call Romsey Police on 101.


SHERFIELD ENGLISH ~ Nothing to report

SHOOTASH ~ Nothing to report

STANBRIDGE ~ Nothing to report

WEST DEAN ~ Nothing to report

WEST TYTHERLEY  ~ Theft from vehicle  Rectory Hill – during the evening on the 08/11/14 person/s unknown have smashed the nearside of a car window parked on the grass verge. A coat laying across the back seat had been moved nothing appeared to be stolen.

WEST WELLOW AND CANADA ~ Canada Road suspicious incident 04/11/14 at 1700 hrs – Male knocked on the informants door offering meat for sale, when declined the male changed his story and said they have purchased before. No offences reported

Drink driving offences 07/11/14 at 1800 hrs – A 57 year old female was arrested and charged for drink driving offences when leaving a public house car park in West Wellow.

Robbery Crawley Hill – 08/11/14 at 1715 hrs two males entered a business premises acting in a threatening and aggressive manner, they demanded money from the safe. After quick police attendance and investigation, two males aged 51 and 37 years old from the Eastleigh area were arrested and charged a few hours later. Well done to the Romsey police Team. Nothing was reported stolen and no injuries caused to the aggrieved.

Remembrance Parade Services

Myself and PC GOOK attended four Remembrance Parades on Sunday 9th November, Awbridge, West Tythereley, West Wellow and Lockerley, wreaths were laid honouring the fallen on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary. At each service there was a large turnout of Service Personal, Scouts, Cubs,  Beavers, Guides and Brownies together with a large turn out from the community. Thank you to you all.


Vehicle crime please read

Over that last few weeks there has been an increase in a number of vehicles being broken into parked in isolated beauty spots. Please do not leave valuables, hand bags and items of clothing on view in the car, and please make sure you lock you car when unattended.

It is possible the offenders are waiting in the area, watching your movements then taking the opportunity to either force entry or smash the window screen when you have walked away. Please remain vigilant and if you see any suspicious person/s or vehicles in the area please call 101.

CAR CRIME ADVICE TO BE AWARE – We are still getting reports of theft from vehicles This is a reminder to all ……PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE ITEMS IN VEHICLES   Please make contact with me either on email or 101 if you require Police Notice to be put in your vehicle stating that …………..ON THE ADVISE OF HAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARY NO VALUABLES HAVE BEEN LEFT IN THIS VEHICLE.


Now the colder winter is on the way this is the time of year we being to order and refill our heating oil tanks……..PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HEATING OIL TANKS ARE SECURE AND REGULARLY CHECKED – Now the winter months are coming please do not hesitate to make contact with us if you require any crime prevention advice.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – we are looking to set up Neighbourhood Watches in all areas of the rural. If you have some spare time and wish to help in assisting or setting up a Neighbourhood watch in your area please contact me.


Record serial numbers on tools and equipment, take photos or mark your property so it can be indentified, the police recover a large amount of stolen property and are not always able to return the property back to the rightful owner.

WARNINGHampshire County Council Trading Standards Service

Rogue Traders operate in all areas of Hampshire offering a number of services. Please beware and report any door to door callers/salesmen on ~ 01962 833620 or email


doorstep.crime@hants.gov.uk or via the website www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk

If anyone has any information about traders who are cold calling or requires any advice on doorstep crime they can contact Hampshire County Council’s

                        Quick Response Team on 01962 833666

(Monday – Friday 0900hrs to 1700hrs)

 Specially trained officers are on hand to provide advice. 

If assistance is required outside of these hours please contact Hampshire Police on their non-urgent number 101 or dial 999 if you feel threatened or intimidated.

Property Security – Register your items for free at www.immobilise.com using this service will assist the police in returning property to the rightful owner.

This is a good time to address your home and business security by checking and fixing doors, windows and locks. Making sure fencing and gates are in good order and secure.

Suspicious Activity ~ please report to the police on 101 or if a crime is taking place call 999.

Vehicles Seized Nil to report

Good news stories ~ Two males aged 51 and 37 years old from the Eastleigh area were arrested and charged for attempt robbery. Well done to Romsey Police Team

VEHICLES OF INTEREST ~Poaching – white Van index number **NX55JUH**



Kind regards

Jo, Vern and Dave

**NB: Please bear in mind that although the vehicle details given below have been reported by members of the public as being seen in suspicious circumstances, it may be that they are going about their lawful business and/or may not have been taken correctly by the person reporting the incident.**

Please remember to update us of any change to your contact details so we can keep our records up to date.


Jo Cole

PCSO 13289

Romsey Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team

Contact no ~ 101

Email ~ joanna.cole@hampshire.pnn.police.uk