The Council

For general enquiries, contact the Clerk.

About the Council

There are seven seats on the Parish Council.  The Council is qualified to operate the General Power of Competence under the Localism Act 2011.  The Council is a corporate body (a legal entity separate from its Members) which means that any action or decision is made by the Council as a whole.  

Click on the name of a Councillor to send an email directly (or for general enquiries, contact the Clerk.)

  • Chairman of the Parish Council and Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee,  Jane Bennett
    • Tel: 01794 368109; or for urgent matters only please, 07823 320910
  • Vice Chairman of the Parish Council Ian Knights
    • Tel: 01794 368516
  • Cllr Richard Brazier – Chairman of the Planning Committee
    • Tel: 01794 368414
  • Cllr Sally Yalden – The Parish Council representative on Braishfield Village Hall Committee
  • Cllr Carole Renvoize
    • Tel: 01794 368766
  • Cllr Mark Swinstead
    • Tel:  01794 367849
  • Cllr Peter White
    • Tel: 01794 368203



The Council has one officer who has the role of Proper Officer, Responsible Financial Officer and Clerk (generally referred to as Clerk).

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