Revised Local Plan: Examination and Hearing

The details of the revised Local Plan are on Test Valley Borough Council’s website here

The dates of the Hearing are on this letter from Test Valley Borough Council:  dates of hearing

At Crosfield Hall on Tuesday 13th January 2015 it will deal with the following:

COM3 – New Neighbourhood at Whitenap, Romsey
COM4 – New Neighbourhood at Hoe Lane, North Baddesley,
LE1 – University of Southampton Science Park
LE2 – South of Benham Campus, University of Southampton Science Park
LE3 – Land at Whitenap, Romsey
LE4 – Land South of Brownhill Way, Nursling
LE5 – Land at Bargain Farm, Nursling
LE6 – Land at Adanac Park, Nursling
LE7 – Nursling Estate
LHW2 – Ganger Farm, Romsey
LHW3 – Forest Park
T3 – Park & Ride at Bargain Farm , Nursling.