Scroll down the page to see draft Minutes; Minutes of Braishfield Parish Council, Braishfield Parish Council Planning Committee, Braishfield Recreation Ground and Braishfield War Memorial.  Earlier years back to 1951 are at the foot of the page.

Draft Minutes of the Latest Meetings

Note:  “draft Minutes” have yet to be formally approved by the Council during the subsequent meeting


Minutes of Meetings of Braishfield Parish Council

Minutes of Meetings of Braishfield Parish Council Planning Committee

Minutes of Meetings of Braishfield Recreation Ground

Minutes of Meetings of Braishfield War Memorial

Prior Meetings

Older Meetings of Braishfield Parish (“Bpc…”, or “Brmins…”), Braishfield Recreation Ground (“Brg…” or “Recmins”) and Braishfield War Memorial (“Bwm…” or “Wmmins…”) are in the following table, suffixed with the meeting date (format YYYYMMDD):


Wmmins_20160301 36.6k
Wmmins_20160202 40.2k
Wmmins_20160105 38.9k
Wmmins_20151201 9.4k
Wmmins_20151103 9.1k
Wmmins_20150901 8.8k
Wmmins_20150609 8.5k
Recmins_20160301 50.7k
Recmins_20160202 78.8k
Recmins_20160105 40.3k
Recmins_20151201 18.4k
Recmins_20151103 10.2k
Recmins_20150901 10.1k
Recmins_20150609 11.7k
Bwm_mins_20210105_draft 117.1k
Bwm_mins_20201103 113.5k
Bwm_mins_20201006 117.7k
Bwm_mins_20200901 107.9k
Bwm_mins_20191203 93.4k
Bwm_mins_20191105 102.9k
Bwm_mins_20191001 110.1k
Bwm_mins_20190904 109k
Bwm_mins_20190108 32.3k
Bwm_mins_201811061 263.8k
Bwm_mins_20181106 628.9k
Bwm_mins_20180501 42.2k
Bwm_mins_20180116 42.2k
Bwm_mins_20170905 25.5k
Bwm_mins_20170606 24.5k
Bwm_mins_201703 32.5k
Bwm_mins_2016090 39.1k
Brmins_20160405 1.4M
Brmins_20160301 1.9M
Brmins_20160202 62.8k
Brmins_20160105 1M
Brmins_20151201 54.3k
Brmins_20151103 105.7k
Brmins_20151006 34.3k
Brmins_20150901 95k
Brmins_20150721 23.4k
Brmins_20150721 23.4k
Brmins_20150609 29k
Brmins_20150518_annual 29.1k
Brmins_20150407 33.8k
Brmins_20150303 84.7k
Brmins_20150203 87.5k
Brmins_20150106 105.1k
Brmins_20141202 81.8k
Brmins_20141104 85k
Brmins_20141007 85.6k
Brmins_20140902 87.3k
Brmins_20140701 92.7k
Brmins_20140618 58.8k
Brmins_20140603 82.4k
Brmins_20140506annual 73.8k
Brmins_20140401 63.9k
Brmins_20140304 26.4k
Brmins_20140204 23.6k
Brmins_20140102 18.4k
Brg_mins_20210105_draft 154.5k
Brg_mins_20201103 146.7k
Brg_mins_20201006 147.7k
Brg_mins_20200901 115.1k
Brg_mins_20200707 168.4k
Brg_mins_202002041 304.1k
Brg_mins_20200204 570.3k
Brg_mins_20200107 101.2k
Brg_mins_20191203 121k
Brg_mins_20191105 120k
Brg_mins_20191001 111.6k
Brg_mins_20190904 122k
Brg_mins_20190702 122.5k
Brg_mins_20190604 1.4M
Brg_mins_20190402 43k
Brg_mins_20190205 146.3k
Brg_mins_20190108 30.9k
Brg_mins_20180807 41.4k
Brg_mins_20180703 39.5k
Brg_mins_20180501 35.9k
Brg_mins_20180403 39k
Brg_mins_20180306 39k
Brg_mins_20180206 26.1k
Brg_mins_20180116 36.5k
Brg_mins_20171205 34.8k
Brg_mins_20171107 38k
Brg_mins_20170905 31.3k
Brg_mins_20170704 51.1k
Brg_mins_20170704 51.1k
Brg_mins_20170606 28.2k
Brg_mins_20170418 38k
Brg_mins_20170307 43k
Brg_mins_201701 34.6k
Brg_mins_201611 38.5k
Brg_mins_20161004 39.5k
Brg_mins_20160607 40.8k
Brg_mins_20160503 38.1k
Bpcpc-mins_20201215 163.2k
Bpcpc_mins_20200520 199.9k
Bpcpc_mins_20190716 225.6k
Bpcpc_mins_20190205 407.9k
Bpcpc_mins_20181002 47.1k
Bpcpc_mins_20180911 2.5M
Bpcpc_mins_20180807 44.9k
Bpcpc_mins_20180604 48.2k
Bpcpc_mins_20180206 48.2k
Bpcpc Minutes 20200915 195.3k
Bpc_mins_20210105_draft 204.3k
Bpc_mins_20201103 179.9k
Bpc_mins_20201006 167.9k
Bpc_mins_20200901 137k
Bpc_mins_20200707 223.1k
Bpc_mins_20200527 188.2k
Bpc_mins_20200303 238.5k
Bpc_mins_20200204 199.2k
Bpc_mins_20200128 116.8k
Bpc_mins_20200107 150.4k
Bpc_mins_20191203 145.6k
Bpc_mins_20191105 142.6k
Bpc_mins_20191001 144k
Bpc_mins_20190904 180.1k
Bpc_mins_20190716 99.3k
Bpc_mins_20190702 55.7k
Bpc_mins_20190518 38.1k
Bpc_mins_20190507_annual_redacted 17.4M
Bpc_mins_20190305 175.1k
Bpc_mins_20190108 174.2k
Bpc_mins_20181119 55.3k
Bpc_mins_20181106 8.1M
Bpc_mins_20181015 5.3M
Bpc_mins_20180904 3.5M
Bpc_mins_20180703 139.1k
Bpc_mins_20180501-annual 717.3k
Bpc_mins_20180403 863.7k
Bpc_mins_20180306 768.3k
Bpc_mins_20180206 702.1k
Bpc_mins_20180116 500.7k
Bpc_mins_20171205 1.9M
Bpc_mins_20171107 2.4M
Bpc_mins_20171003 688.1k
Bpc_mins_20170905 1.5M
Bpc_mins_20170704a 48.8k
Bpc_mins_20170606 858.5k
Bpc_mins_20170522 402k
Bpc_mins_20170508 430k
Bpc_mins_20170502_annual 848.2k
Bpc_mins_201704 55.3k
Bpc_mins_201703 109.2k
Bpc_mins_201702 48.8k
Bpc_mins_201701 12.2M
Bpc_mins_201612 866.2k
Bpc_mins_201611 1.3M
Bpc_mins_20161004 2M
Bpc_mins_20160906 1.8M
Bpc_mins_20160607 1.4M
Bpc_mins_20160503_annual 1.2M
Bpc_financial_regs_20170704_adopted 331.5k

Earlier Years (back to 1951)