Crime Report from Hampshire Constabulary 01/01/2014 – 15/02/2015

Please see the following report from Hampshire Constabulary…

Dear All,
Weekly beat report from 01/01/2014 – 15/02/2015
Weekly update reported crime Romsey rural, we hope you find this week’s circulation useful. We have worked hard to ensure the information is current and accurate.
**If you know anyone who would like to receive the weekly crime report please let me know. Please email me a name, first line of address and contact telephone number**
TRAVELLERS ~ Nil to report
A3090 ~ Nothing to report
ABBEY PARK PREMIER WAY ~ Nothing to report
ABBOTSWOOD ESTATE ~ Nothing to report
AMPFIELD – Theft – between 08/02/15 and the 14/02/15 person/s unknown have stolen a brand new trailer from the driveway along the Straight Mile. Police are appealing for any witnesses or information please call 101.
Non Dwelling break-in 11/02/15 -14/02/15 Straight Mile – Further report person/s unknown have entered a garage at the side of the property and stolen a generator, and power tools from within.
ASHFIELD ~ Nothing to report
AWBRIDGE ~ Nothing to report.
BRAISHFIELD ~ Nothing to report
BELBINS ~ Nothing to report
BROADLANDS PARK ~ Nothing to report
CARTERS CLAY ~ Nothing to report
CRAMPMOOR ~ Nothing to report
DUNBRIDGE Theft – Dunbridge Lane overnight on the 15/02/15 person/s unknown have forced entry to a shed and stolen a trailer and feed items from with in.
EAST DEAN ~ Nothing to report
EAST TYTHERLEY ~ Nothing to report
EAST WELLOW ~ Non Dwelling break-in, between the 02/02/15 and 09/02/15 unknown person/s have forced open the door of a farm building with a crowbar or something similar and made an untidy search of the office and storage area.
GREATBRIDGE ROAD ~ Nothing to report
HIGHWOOD ~ Nothing to report
KIMBRIDGE ~ Nothing to report
KINGS SOMBORNE ~ criminal damage – 07/02/15 in Muss Lane Person/s unknown have thought to have thrown an unknown object at a living room window causing damage.
LEE ~ Nothing to report
LOCKERLEY – Criminal damage – During the night of the 10/02/15 person/s unknown have slashed two tyres on a vehicle parked on Butts Green.
Criminal damage – Butlers Close 12/02/15 person/s unknown have cut the wire and padlock causing damaged to a rabbit cage in the communal garden.
MOTTISFONT Theft – Between the 30/01/15 and the 02/02/15 person/s unknown have entered an office Portacabin and stolen a laptop with in.
MICHELEMERSH and TIMSBURY ~ Nothing to report
OWER ~ Nothing to report
PAUNCEFOOT HILL ~ Nothing to report
PLAITFORD ~ Nothing to report
SHERFIELD ENGLISH ~ Criminal damage A27 Salisbury Road – overnight on the 04/02/15 person/s unknown has slashed 7 horse rugs and damaged 7 wooden panels leading to the field. Romsey police are appealing for any information.
Dwelling breaking in Doctors Hill – over night on the 05/02/15 person/s unknown have smashed a bathroom window entered the property that is currently being refurbished, tools and bathroom furniture stolen.
SHOOTASH ~ Nothing to report
STANBRIDGE ~ Nothing to report
WEST DEAN ~ Nothing to report
WEST TYTHERLEY  Nothing to report
WEST WELLOW AND CANADA ~ Nothing to report
Important information
Test Valley district have receive a number of reports of heating oil thefts. We asked for everyone to remain vigilant at all times and to report any suspicious activity or noise. If you hear an unexplained noise, vehicle or you think someone is outside your property causing damage or stealing your property call 999 it may be possible that a police unit may be just around the corner. Romsey police team are activity patrolling the area during the night were a number of stop checks are being carried out.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HEATING OIL TANKS ARE SECURE AND REGULARLY CHECKED – there has been an increase in heating oil thefts in the area. Please do not hesitate to make contact with us if you require any crime prevention advice.
Fuel gauge   ~ Consider buying an electronic tank gauge, which can be read from inside your home. These devices send an alarm or signal to the gauge which plugs into a socket in the house i.e. a kitchen or utility room. It will not only indicate that the tank needs refilling, but will also set off an alarm should there be a sudden drop in the oil level caused by a leak or theft.
Securing access   ~ restricting access to the tank in the first instance is very important, make sure your boundary walls and fences are up to the job and lock driveway access gates at night or when you are out during the day.
Securing Tank   ~   Consider enclosing your tank within a locked building and making sure your tank is well ventilated. Or build a good strong fence, cage or trellis around your tank, this will make it more difficult for a thieve to gain access. Planting prickly plants may do the trick as the offender may leave some DNA.
Regular checks   ~ check the tank gauge regularly to alert you to any sudden drop in oil level which may indicate a theft. This action might also help the police in any subsequent investigation by narrowing down the times of the offence.
Padlocks ~ always invest in a good quality lock, close shackle padlocks are the best as they offer most resistance to thieves due to their design, close shackle padlocks have a very little metal hoop (shackle) this making it more difficult to get bolt croppers in between. Alarmed padlocks are also a good purchase as this will sound an alarm when tampered with.
Suspicious Activity  ~  when you have a oil delivery please pay attention to any suspicious vehicle/s or person/s in the area, as it seems that heating oil is nearly always stolen shortly after delivery, when the tank is near to full. Please report to the police on 101.
CCTV ~ Consider installing good CCTV if possibly with night vision.
There have been a number of shed and garage breaks in the area, please make sure your sheds and equipment are secure.
Many people take a great deal of trouble in securing their home and property while at the same time leaving valuable gardening tools and cycles in a shed that is either unlocked or not maintained.
Garden crime is now becoming more and more common. Tools such as lawn mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, power tools are expensive items to replace and may incur in extra insurance premiums.
Vehicle crime please read ~
CAR CRIME ADVICE TO BE AWARE – We are still getting reports of theft from vehicles. This is a reminder to all ……PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE ITEMS IN VEHICLES Please remain vigilant and if you see any suspicious person/s or vehicles in the area please report on 101
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – we are looking to set up Neighbourhood Watches in all areas of the rural. If you have some spare time and wish to help in assisting or setting up a Neighbourhood watch in your area please contact me.
Property Security – Register your items for free at using this service will assist the police in returning property to the rightful owner.
This is a good time to address your home and business security by checking and fixing doors, windows and locks. Making sure fencing and gates are in good order and secure
WARNINGHampshire County Council Trading Standards Service
Rogue Traders operate in all areas of Hampshire offering a number of services. Please beware and report any door to door callers/salesmen on ~ 01962 833620 or email
If anyone has any information about traders who are cold calling or requires any advice on doorstep crime they can contact Hampshire County Council’s
                        Quick Response Team on 01962 833666
(Monday – Friday 0900hrs to 1700hrs)
 Specially trained officers are on hand to provide advice. 
If assistance is required outside of these hours please contact Hampshire Police on their non-urgent number 101 or dial 999 if you feel threatened or intimidated.
Vehicles seized ~ Nil to report
Good news stories ~
Kind regards
Jo, Vern and Dave
**NB: Please bear in mind that although the vehicle details given below have been reported by members of the public as being seen in suspicious circumstances, it may be that they are going about their lawful business and/or may not have been taken correctly by the person reporting the incident.**
Please remember to update us of any change to your contact details so we can keep our records up to date.
Jo Cole
PCSO 13289
Romsey Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team
Contact no ~ 101