Community Emergency Plan for Braishfield


The Parish Council is overseeing a working party that is in the process of producing a Community Emergency Plan for Braishfield. 

Emergencies may take the form of natural disaster, perhaps brought on by bad weather, leading to flooding or power failure. In a rural area, there is a the risk of being blocked in by snow in the winter. Or man-made disaster, perhaps a road accident, chemical spillage or gas explosion.  Braishfield was hit by long lasting power cuts in the winter of 2013 / 14.  Effective planning of foreseeable events can reduce the stress and harm that individuals suffer – especially in the time before emergency services can reach us.

The Parish Council has been considering what can be done to help protect residents in the event of future emergencies, and we have sought the advice of the Emergency Planning Department of Hampshire County Council. Mike Prince, Chairman of Braishfield Parish Council, is leading a group of residents in drawing up a “Community Emergency Plan”.

The project is in its early stages and the working party is looking for individuals who are interested in helping. If you wish to know more, there is a website run by Hampshire County Council, Please contact the Clerk by email on  if you would like to discuss this further or wish to be involved with the working party.