T1 Oak – Crown clean and thin by 10%, remove 1st low branches growing towards house and over boundary, remove epicormic growth, reduce side of canopy by rear of house by up to 1m. T2 Oak – Crown clean, remove epicormic growth up to 4.5m and thin by 10%. T3 Oak – Remove 1st big branch growing over neighbours garden, remove epicormic growth to 4.5m, crown thin by 10% and clean. T4 Oak – fell to 4m habitat stump

4 Blackthorn Close Braishfield Romsey Hampshire SO51 0PX

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Standard Consultation Expiry:   Fri 08 Sep 2017

Comment from Braishfield Parish Council (as a consultee): tvbc1702172trees

Planning Authority (Test Valley Borough Council) decision: NO OBJECTION