Village Pond

The village pond is situated in the central part of Braishfield, at the junction of Dummers Road and Church Lane, between the War Memorial and the Church. The pond is a haven for wildlife, with resident ducks and coots, a healthy population of fish which in turn attract Herons in search of a good meal, plus insect life including dragonflies. There are seats for visitors to sit and enjoy the peace, plus a “dipping platform” often used by the local children when feeding the ducks or trying to catch the fish.

Braishfield Village Pond July 2014

Braishfield Village Pond July 2014

The pond and surrounding verge is maintained by the parish council. There is a water supply which can be used to top up the level of the pond in very dry summers, fortunately rarely used. The pond now has a lining to prevent leakage of water, installed at the end of the 1990s during a major piece of maintenance work which also saw many years buildup of silt removed. The pond sits in the chalk area of Braishfield and has a layer of clay underneath it to slow the drainage of water, but the lining was added as an additional measure following expert advice.

Village Pond Documents

31st October 2011Pond tree work permission 2011
11th December 2008Pond tree work permission 2008
14th October 1994Pond BT wayleave 1994
17th September 1987Pond declaration JH Saunders
16th September 1987Pond declaration MJ Old
14th September 1987Pond declaration MO Hoddinott