Test Valley Borough Council, Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment and Brownfield Call for Sites

Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment and Brownfield Call for Sites


The Council (Test Valley Borough Council) is issuing a Call for Sites to inform the preparation of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). This is a requirement of the National Planning Policy Framework. The SHELAA will be a technical document which will provide information on sites for potential housing, economic development, Gypsy and Travelling Showpeople, Self-Build housing etc. in relation to their suitability, availability and achievability.


The reasons for undertaking this exercise are:


1)    The information submitted as part of the Call for Sites will help to identify Brownfield Sites to be placed on the

‘Brownfield Register’ which the Council must legally prepare

2)    The SHELAA will help to inform future planning documents i.e. Local Plan, Gypsy and Traveller DPD and Neighbourhood Plans

3)    The SHELAA will also provide the basis for calculating the five year deliverable housing land supply position.


As part of the Call for Sites, the Council is contacting existing site promoters who have previously submitted land to the Council via the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) (www.testvalley.gov.uk/SHLAA) Economic Development and / or Employment Generating Uses Call for Sites (2015) (www.testvalley.gov.uk/SELAA) and Gypsy and Traveller Call for Sites 2013 (http://www.testvalley.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planningpolicy/local-development-framework/gypsy-travellers-development-plan-document)


Should existing site promoters wish to continue promoting previously submitted sites, they are requested to resubmit sites afresh using the SHELAA / Brownfield Call for Sites Submission Form 2017. If we do not receive a reply from existing site promoters, we will assume that the site in question is no longer to be promoted for development and it will not be included in the SHELAA.


This is to ensure that previously promoted sites are still available and deliverable as well as having the latest up to date information. This is also an opportunity to promote any new sites for consideration. The SHELAA will supersede the SHLAA and previous Call for Sites.



The SHELAA only identifies sites which have been promoted to the Council, it does not allocate sites. The inclusion of the site in the SHELAA does not imply that the Council would necessarily grant planning permission. Similarly, the identification of potential Brownfield Sites through the SHELAA process does not imply that the Council would necessarily grant planning permission.



The Council has prepared a Guidance Note (please see enclosed) which sets out the purpose of the SHELAA / Brownfield Call for Sites and the consultation process.


Further information on how to submit sites and the information required to be included within the submission can be found within the enclosed SHELAA / Brownfield Call for Sites Submission Form 2017. All promoted sites will be made publically available. Individual personal details and land ownership details will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Further details are also available at: www.testvalley.gov.uk/SHELAA



With regards to residential and economic uses, the Council will accept sites for a net gain of 5 or more dwellings and sites that are 0.25ha (or likely to provide at least 500m² of economic floor space) and above.


The closing date for submission is Friday 20th October 2017. Please return the Submission Form to:


By email to:        planningpolicy@testvalley.gov.uk




By post to:          Planning Policy Team

Test Valley Borough Council

Beech Hurst

Weyhill Road



SP10 3AJ