Shooting Season Thefts

Please see this message from Hampshire Constabulary…


Message sent by
Louise Hubble (Police, Strategic Rural Policing Inspector, Hampshire & IOW)

Just over the border in Wiltshire there have been two reported incidents in one week of unattended vehicles being broken into, either during or after a shoot.  One had a gun case, certificates and cartridges taken, whilst the other had a firearm stolen from the front seat.

It is your responsibility to safeguard firearms and ammunition at all times.  Best practice is as follows:

1.  If you have to leave your vehicle unattended, ensure nothing is left on view.
2.  If possible, park it in a location that is visible from where you are.
3.  Reverse up to a wall, making it difficult for anyone to access the boot.
4.  Lock and alarm the vehicle (sounds obvious but people don’t!)
5.  Use security cables or vehicle mounted gun safes.
6.  ALWAYS remove the rifle bolt or shotgun fore-end.
7.  Consider locking ammunition in the glove box.

Stay safe and secure your firearm.

Inspector 483 Lou Hubble