Proposed Temporary Road Closure – Various Roads in Braishfield

Proposed Temporary Road Closure – Various Roads in Braishfield

Description: temporary closure of part of various roads in the Parish of Braishfield to allow a safe access for BT cabling works.

Location: The roads and extents defined in the closure schedule below.

Closure Schedule


Extent of Closure

Dummers Road

From its junction with Dores Lane to its junction with Church Lane

Dores Lane

From its junction with Common Hill Road to a point 480 metres east

Common Hill Road

From its junction with Dores Lane to a point 100 metres south

Alternative routes: During the period of closure there shall be a main alternative route for use by the public from the western point of the closure in the western direction along Dummers Road, northwards on Braishfield Road, in the north east direction on Farley Lane and Dores Lane, southwards and eastwards on Dores Lane to the eastern point of the closure and on the same roads in the opposite direction. Another diversion route starts from the southern point of closure on Common Hill Road in the southwestern direction and north on Braishfield Road to connect with the main diversion route and in the other direction on the same roads.

Duration of Order: From 22 February 2016 for a period of 3 months or completion of the works, whichever is the earlier.

Period of Works: It is expected the road will be closed from 22 February to 24 February between the hours of 09:30 to 15:30.

Reasonable access to adjoining properties will be available while the works are carried out. If you have any queries regarding access and works contact Mandy Richardson of A-Plant Lux Traffic on 03700500792. For all other enquiries please contact Mr. Ejikeme Ibe, telephone 01264 368728 on behalf of the Head of Planning Policy & Transport Service.

Parish, Borough and County Ward Members

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Ampfield and Braishfield

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Download the Route Diversion here