Planning Committee

The Council has a Planning Committee.  All members of the full Council  are also members of the Planning Committee, which was formed in December 2017 as a means to make timely action on planning matters outside full Council Meetings.

The Planning Committee has authority to make certain decisions on behalf of the Council.  As a summary, the responsibilities include:

  • As a consultee, to decide comments on planning applications, applications for listed building consent and tree-works in the Conservation Area, for submission to the planning authority;
  • To lead the community in working with the planning authority, and to draw up supplementary planning documents (such as the Village Design Statement);
  • To respond to the planning authority and national government on consultations on planning matters relevant to the parish, such as to comment on draft Local Plans.
  • Full Terms of Reference for the Committee and the Planning Code (Hampshire Association of Local Councils), are on our “Procedures and Policies” page.


Meetings of the Planning Committee are run in the same way as meetings of the full Council:  the Agenda for Meetings is published in advance, Minutes will be kept and Meetings are open to the public.  However, all Meetings are known as “extraordinary” because they are called when required to meet response deadlines, rather than being timetabled.