Braishfield Parish Council

Braishfield Parish Council meets once a month, on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7:00pm in Braishfield Village Hall. Occasionally, the meeting date may be moved or an extra meeting may be added to deal with any matters of urgency.  Any changes or additional meetings are notified – including here on this site.

The date for the next Meeting of the Planning Committee is to be confirmed.  The next Meeting of the Council, followed by a Meeting of Braishfield Recreation Ground will be:

Tuesday 3/4/2018 at 7pm at Braishfield Village Hall

The Agenda will be published at least three working days before the meeting.  Meetings include a session for Public Participation, to allow members of the public to make representations, answer questions and give evidence in respect of the business on the agenda.  If you wish to speak during a meeting, please let the Chairman know before the meeting begins.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about parish council business, there is no need to wait for a meeting:  please contact us.

Link to Meeting Agendas

Link to Meeting Minutes

Annual Parish Assembly

Once a year there is an Annual Parish Assembly (also called the Annual Parish Meeting).  This is typically held just before one of the parish council meetings, often in the spring. The annual parish assembly is a meeting of electors, chaired by the Chairman of the parish council.  Community groups are invited to speak or report to the meeting, the parish council and local borough and county councillors will report to the meeting; and there is often a speaker on a topic of local interest.

Link to Meeting Minutes for the Annual Parish Meetings