This page deals with financial matters.

The main income of Braishfield Parish Council is the parish precept, which is collected as part of the council tax. For the financial year 2014/2015 the precept is £10,500.

The Council Tax History page shows historical information about the parish precept and the council tax for Braishfield.

The accounts and the audit returns for Braishfield Parish Council are available below.  Recreation Ground Accounts and the War Memorial Accounts are shown on separate pages since these are both charities and must be reported separately, although almost all their income derives from the parish council.

The majority of the spending is on administration (clerk’s salary and auditor payments), the recreation ground (including the car park and children’s play area), with smaller amounts for the war memorial and the village pond.  The council has been fortunate to get substantial grants to cover the major updating of the play area in recent years – more than £60,000 has been spent on this, but only a small proportion has come out of parish council funds.

Braishfield Parish Council Accounts

Braishfield Parish Council Audit Returns