Christmas Crime Menu from Hampshire Constabulary

Christmas Crime Menu
A few tips on how to stop criminals leaving a bitter aftertaste this Christmas
                                             Starters ~
Car theft classic, car left unlocked with windows open ~ (always lock doors and windows and use steering lock)
Starter’s orders, keys left in ignition ~ (Never leave keys in the ignition and the car unattended)
Santa’s surprise ~ (Keep presents out of sight. If they can be seen they can be stolen)
Hot wired saloon, parked in dark car park ~ (Leave your vehicle in a well-lit location or your car could make someone else’s Christmas)
Chef’s treasure chest served with valuables ~ (Thieves look in a glove compartment first for mobile phones and other valuables – take them with you)
                                         Main course ~
House hotpot, doors and windows insecure ~ (Make sure all windows and doors are locked
Santa’s parcels, presents displayed under the Christmas tree ~ (Keep presents out of sight)
Tasty takeaways, car leys and handbags left in handy places ~ (Hall tables are the first places thieves look for valuables)
Holiday haven for thieves it’s obvious no-one’s home ~ (Going on holiday? Leave lights and radio on timer switches: ask someone to go in a collect mail)
Open sesame, opening you door to strangers ~ (Use a door chain and viewer, only open the door to visitors when you are happy with their identity)
                                            Dessert ~
Pedal power bicycles not secure and marked ~ (lock bikes and get them marked with your postcode and house number.
Shed surprise, valuable tools for the discerning theft ~ (secure your shed with a good bolt, consider fitting an alarm or alarmed padlocks.
Devil’s cocktail. Don’t leave you drink alone, it could get spiked)
                                       Coffee & Mints ~
Surprisingly sour, cheap goods passed on can be stolen ~ (If offered a quality product for a bargain ensure the source is genuine.
Kind regards
Jo Cole
PCSO 13289
Romsey Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team
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