T1 – Birch – Fell, T2 – Sycamore – Fell, T3 – Sycamore – Fell

4 Pond Cottages Braishfield Road Braishfield Romsey Hampshire SO51 0PR

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Braishfield Parish Council comment:  tvbc1700935trees

Test Valley Borough Council Decision:  No Objection


Erection of detached garage (Amended scheme to increase ridge height)

Newport Inn Newport Lane Braishfield SO51 0PL

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Consultation Expiry Date 12 May 2017

Braishfield Parish Council comment TVBC1700930fulls

Test Valley Borough Council decision pending consideration


Application for a lawful development certificate for proposed garden room

12 Hill View Road Braishfield SO51 0PP

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Standard Consultation Expiry Date Mon 01 May 2017

Braishfield Parish Council comment TVBC1700902CLPS

Test Valley Borough Council decision pending consideration


This is a public consultation by Test Valley Borough Council, regarding proposed lorry restrictions on roads in the parish.  Please see the explanatory letter and accompanying Lorry Restriction Exhibition Plan.

The Parish Council considered this during the Meeting of 17/1/17, and decided the following comment:

Braishfield Parish Council strongly support the above proposed Order.


Residents express growing concern about through traffic on all routes. This has always taken place, but seems to have been exacerbated by large scale housing developments in Romsey, Kings Somborne and the wider vicinity. A 30 mph speed restriction on other local roads makes the lanes leading through Braishfield an appealing alternative for traffic. The national speed limit in the lanes is also a magnate to Sat Navs for Quickest Route selection.

All routes leading to and from Braishfield become single track lanes at some point. Many of the houses are constructed very close to the roadsides. There are few pedestrian footways. The lanes are popular with cyclists, walkers and equestrians. As such, the lanes are entirely unsuitable to receive through traffic on a large scale. Heavy goods vehicles are particularly problematic, causing serious damage to verges and hedgerows in the narrow lanes when meeting vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

The national speed limit in the lanes is also a magnate to Sat Navs for Quickest Route selection.

Braishfield is a rural community, and farmers need to use the lanes for their agricultural vehicles. There are also a number of businesses based in the parish, requiring access for deliveries or to removed their products. This proposed Order will not impede them.


Severe Weather


The Parish Council have received the following information about the severe weather warning, from Hampshire County Council…

With a forecast of heavy rain tomorrow turning to snow, followed by a deep freeze overnight on Thursday (12 January) into the weekend, highways crews are getting ready to deploy to keep the county moving.

The weather coming towards the South East is certainly going to be a challenge. Heavy rain tomorrow morning, turning to sleet and then to snow at rush hour, followed by a high risk of ice for the next few days means that timing of salting runs is crucial, and the impact of salt may not be as effective as usual due to dilution from the rain.

Winter crews have already deployed putting out salt wicks (porous bags filled with salt) at locations where water is likely to run onto the roads from surrounding land so that the when water runs through them, it mixes with the salt which then helps prevent ice forming on the road surface.

We have a good stock of salt in our barns strategically placed across the county, and the next salt run on Priority 1 routes is scheduled for 5am tomorrow. To combat the risk of salt being washed away, salt will be spread more densely than usual which means the salting lorries will need to restock during their runs and it will therefore take around four hours to complete each route. If we do see the 5cm of snow that forecasters are predicting, we will also be deploying snow ploughs.  The 100+ farmers we can mobilise to assist in rural locations have been alerted. Additionally, we are planning to salt the community routes in the early hours of Friday morning to help with access to community facilities such as doctors’ surgeries and smaller schools.

HCC’s message to the public and staff is to take care on the roads and drive according to the conditions, even on the roads that have been salted,

People will need to plan their journeys and may need to think about adapting their travelling times.

Footways are also likely to be icy, and everyone can help in their neighbourhoods by using the salt bins. Spreading a small amount of salt from the community salt bins on pavements or smaller access roads not covered by the highways crews will make a big impact on ice and frozen snow.

Residents, particularly those in rural areas are also being asked to look out for vulnerable neighbours during the cold weather.

Taking extra care during cold weather is important for everyone, but particularly important for people who are more vulnerable to suffering ill health due to the cold, such as babies and very young children (under 5 years), older people (75+ years), people with pre-existing medical conditions.

If anyone is worried about an elderly neighbour or relative they should call Hampshire County Council’s Adult’s Health and Care team on 0300 555 1386, during the week in working hours, or call 0300 555 1373 out of hours and on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Find out more tips and hints on safe winter driving at RoSPA

Find out more about Hampshire’s priority salting routes and where to find your nearest community salt bin

Further information on severe weather and emergency contacts