Welcome to the website of Braishfield Parish Council.

To navigate the site, use the menu at the top of the page.   The main purpose of this site is to publish information about the activities of Braishfield Parish Council, but it also provides other information about the village which may be of interest.  There is a related website which covers many other aspects of Braishfield village life which is linked here: http://www.braishfield.org/

The Parish of Braishfield

Braishfield is a village located in Test Valley Borough of Hampshire, some 3 miles north east of the town of Romsey.


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Parish Council in brief

The parish council is the lowest tier of government and as such, its responsibilities and powers are modest. The parish council keeps a watching brief on a number of matters which fall under the responsibility either of Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) or Hampshire County Council (HCC) and in these cases, the council operates mainly through formal communications with those other tiers of local government:

  • Planning (TVBC)
  • Waste Management and Recycling (TVBC)
  • Highways and Road Safety (HCC)
  • Footpaths (HCC)
  • Transport (HCC)

Braishfield Parish Council has direct responsibility for:

  • The Recreation Ground
  • The Village Pond
  • The War Memorial
  • Noticeboards and newspaper box
  • Bus shelter

The recreation ground and the war memorial are each held in trust and are managed as charities.